Embroidery: We thread your threads.

We embroider your choice garments (see our products), thread by thread.

Perfect for smaller, more intricate, detailed designs such as logos, embroidery is your best option for decorating polo's, jackets and garments that can't be screen-printed. It is the most professionally styled medium for augmenting your image’s motif on wearables.

Using the most superior digitizing software and technologically advanced six-head embroidery machines, we expertly convert your image into graphically enhanced, fiber-based artistry. We use durable, custom dye-cast threads, available in a plethora of intensified colors.

We also embroider beautiful three-dimensional appliqués and tackle-twill decorations which can either be sewn onto our garments or produced for your individual purposes (such as resale).

Our equipment flawlessly replicates your design into rich, decorative needlework of the uppermost professional quality. Embroidery offers the added benefit of being less expensive than screen-printing for smaller orders.